We understand that outstanding leadership is not a destination but a journey of constant learning, growth, and transformation. That's why we've crafted a diverse array of short courses, each designed to equip leaders with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of modern leadership in a way that fits into their busy schedules. Whether an established executive is seeking to refine their strategic thinking, a middle manager is looking to amplify team performance, or an emerging leader is aiming to build foundational leadership skills, our meticulously curated selection of short courses will empower them to unlock their full potential and lead with confidence, agility, and impact. Explore our catalog and embark on a learning journey that transcends the conventional, ignites progress, and shapes extraordinary leaders.

Each listed "Power Hour" can be delivered in 60 - 90 minutes and is focused on a specific skill set. Sessions are highly experiential and include discussion, exercises, role-play, and recommended developmental activities to continue the learning after each training session.

Sessions listed below are divided into three categories: Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading the Organization

Not sure where to start? We offer a complimentary consultation to help you determine a "Leadership Pathway" that will best meet the needs of your current or aspiring leaders. 

Types of Training

In Person

Learning takes place in groups in a traditional classroom-style environment. Highly visual and interactive with practical activities. It suits all learners, especially those who prefer interaction, conversation, and the chance to try out new skills. Courses are limited to up to 20 participants.


Learning takes place virtually via a platform such as Zoom or Teams. Sessions are highly interactive, and run similarly to the in-person training, with participants working in pairs, and small groups, and engaged in full-class discussions. Courses are limited to at most 10 to 15 participants, depending on the learning platform utilized.


Learning takes place with some participants in traditional classroom-style learning while others attend virtually. Technology solutions to ensure that the participants virtually attending feel engaged in the training session vary depending on client capabilities. The number of recommended participants will depend on the course and the technological capabilities. 

Courses in the "Leading Self" category illuminate the crucial role of self-leadership in professional success. They include foundational self-awareness techniques, including mindfulness and emotional intelligence, to understand better their strengths, weaknesses, and motivational triggers. One must understand how to lead themselves best before they can effectively lead others.

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The "Leading Others" courses are designed to help shape participants into leaders who can inspire, engage, and lead others effectively. They focus on the importance of communication, team-building, delegation, and conflict-resolution skills in guiding teams toward shared goals. Participants will learn to foster a culture of mutual respect, empathy, and collaboration and become adept at recognizing and harnessing the diverse strengths within their teams.

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The "Leading the Organization" courses help leaders navigate the complexity of organizational leadership successfully. They equip participants with the strategic thinking skills to make informed decisions, manage change, and shape organizational culture. Participants will delve into essential topics such as visioning, organizational alignment, change management, strategic planning, and managing stakeholder relationships.

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