We offer many courses for the professional development needs of your employees. Understanding how difficult it can be to make time for one’s development, most of our courses are two to three hours long. Our courses can be delivered in person or via an online training platform for remote participants. Our instructors are master facilitators from diverse backgrounds, and our curriculum is based on adult learning principles and designed to meet all types of learning styles. Whether attending in person or via the virtual classroom, participants are guaranteed a quality learning experience.

Participants in our workshops leave feeling inspired to take complete responsibility for their successes at work and home. Participants enjoy themselves throughout the workshop while gaining invaluable strategies for making desired life changes. By implementing these strategies, participants experience better work and home relationships, improved communication skills, and, ultimately, increased productivity in accomplishing their goals and those of the organization.

Courses are organized in the categories of training for All Employees, Team DevelopmentPeople Managers, Presentation/Facilitation, and Specialized Training with Assessments.

Trying to figure out where to start? We offer a complimentary consultation to help you identify the professional development needs of your employees.

Types of Training

In Person

Learning takes place in groups in a traditional classroom-style environment. Highly visual and interactive with practical activities. It suits all learners, especially those who prefer interaction, conversation, and the chance to try out new skills. Courses are limited to up to 20 participants.


Learning takes place virtually via a platform such as Zoom or Teams. Sessions are highly interactive, and run similarly to the in-person training, with participants working in pairs, and small groups, and engaged in full-class discussions. Courses are limited to at most 10 to 15 participants, depending on the learning platform utilized.


Learning takes place with some participants in traditional classroom-style learning while others attend virtually. Technology solutions to ensure that the participants virtually attending feel engaged in the training session vary depending on client capabilities. The number of recommended participants will depend on the course and the technological capabilities. 

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