Feedback is essential to our personal and professional development. Yet, it is not always easy to receive, even when we like and respect the giver and they deliver the feedback well. Conversely, effectively receiving feedback is nearly impossible when we don't like or respect the giver, when delivered poorly, or when we're not in the mood to receive it. In this workshop, participants will learn why it can be difficult to receive feedback, how to respond to feedback effectively, how to hold an effective feedback conversation as the receiver and actions they can take post-feedback.


  • Understand the three types of reactions to feedback.
  • Learn and practice the three primary responses to feedback.
  • Apply five strategies to hold an effective feedback conversation as the receiver.
  • Decide on post-conversation actions in response to feedback.

Length of Course: 3 hours

Delivery: In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

Target Audience: All Employees