Persuasive power gets things done. This course is designed to help individuals cultivate their presence, enhance their impact, and develop influential skills. Through experiential exercises, self-reflection activities, and practical techniques, participants will learn how to project confidence, build strong connections, and wield influence in their personal and professional spheres.

By exploring the components of presence, understanding the power of body language and communication, and developing self-awareness, participants will gain the tools to enhance their persuasive effectiveness. Additionally, participants will develop skills in influencing others, navigating complex dynamics, and fostering a positive presence in various contexts.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding presence: Exploring the key elements and attributes of impactful presence.
  • Self-awareness and personal brand: Cultivating self-awareness to align actions, values, and image.
  • Non-verbal communication: Mastering body language, gestures, and vocal delivery to enhance presence and impact.
  • Building rapport and connecting authentically: Establishing trust and fostering meaningful connections.
  • Navigating power dynamics: Managing complex relationships and leveraging influence ethically.
  • Science of Persuasion: Using the Principles of Persuasion in workplace relationships.

Throughout the course, participants will have opportunities to practice their skills in a supportive environment and gain insights into effective presence, impact, and influence. By the end of this course, participants will have the confidence and skills to project presence, make a lasting impact, and lead with influence in their professional and personal lives.

Length of Course: 3 hours

Delivery: In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

Target Audience: All Employees