One's level of emotional intelligence directly impacts their ability to be an effective leader. This workshop helps the participant understand how their current level of emotional intelligence affects their performance as a leader and encourages them to develop customized strategies based on their leadership effectiveness results.

Optional: A 360 Feedback Report can be added to the regular leadership report.


  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence in leading effectively.
  • Explore key areas of leadership concerning emotional intelligence.
  • Understand the critical elements of the EQ 2.0 Leadership Report.
  • Articulate strengths and areas with growth opportunities.
  • Identify and understand how aspects of emotional intelligence lead to derailing behaviors.
  • Develop a personal EQ 2.0 learning plan.

Length of Course: 6 hours

Delivery: In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

Target Audience: All Leaders

Please Note (Additional Cost): This course includes the EQ 2.0 inventory, which measures an individual’s current level of emotional intelligence. The profile generates a total EI score with five composite scores measuring distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning: Self-Perception (self-regard, self-actualization, and emotional self-awareness); Self-Expression (emotional expression, assertiveness, and independence); Interpersonal (interpersonal relationships, empathy, and social responsibility); Decision Making (problem-solving, reality testing, and impulse control); and Stress Management (flexibility, stress tolerance, and optimism).