Without accountability, execution suffers. Accountability in the workplace is something every manager wants to have, and every employee should strive to retain. Accountability has a clear link to higher work performance, and experts indicate that it also results in improved competency and commitment to work, increased employee morale, and higher work satisfaction. It is also known to enhance creativity and innovation because there is a more significant investment in the organization's future. This workshop will begin the foundation of making that investment.


  • Define what an accountability culture is.
  • Understand the importance of an accountability culture.
  • Compare and contrast an accountability culture versus a culture without accountability.
  • Implement strategies for developing a culture of accountability, including holding your leadership accountable.
  • Learn how to give helpful feedback to support a culture of accountability.

Length of Course: 3 hours

Delivery: In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

Target Audience: Supervisors/Managers